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Say Anything
Alex Gaskarth Coffeeshop Soundtrack
Title: Say Anything
Fandom: All Time Low
Pairing: Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat
Rating: NC-17. (Rather rate this too high than too low and this is dealing with some adult themes. No sex, though.)
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Wouldn't be writing if I did :P
Summary: Alex is having a bad day and while usually he would make some new scars, Jack won't let him.
Warnings: Self-harm. Not actually doing it, but Alex thinks about it a whole lot. Dubious consent and D/s since Jack takes charge but Alex never explicitly consents to it.
A/N: This has been sitting in my GDocs account for a while now and I thought it time to finally post it up xD I honestly hope that this is at least somewhat good. Comments are appreciated :) Title comes from the Marianas Trench song 'Say Anything'.

Say AnythingCollapse )

Dark Blue - poem
Alex Gaskarth Coffeeshop Soundtrack
The clip from Dark Blue, by Jack's Mannequin, inspired me to write a poem. And since I can't write Dutch poems to save my life, I'll just try to translate this so I can read it at national poem day. Anyway, let me know what you think?

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Kinky ATL fic :D
Alex Gaskarth Coffeeshop Soundtrack
It's 5am now, I just finished this, shush everyone. :P

Title: What, PWP needs a title?
Pairing: Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat.
Rating: NC-17.
Notes: Bondage, sensation bondage, spanking, breath play, orgasm denial, toys, dirty talk.

'You still know the safe word?'Collapse )

Alex Gaskarth Coffeeshop Soundtrack
Yeah yeah, shush you guys I like writing perverted things :P
Picture that goes with this is this one, bee tee dubs:
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New fandom - whoops!
Alex Gaskarth Coffeeshop Soundtrack
So I just discovered that there is All Time Low fanfic. And a community. And Alex and Jack are made for each other.
Seriously. No I don't feel guilty. xD
Anyway, since I don't feel like sleeping I am going to post fics now until I crash. Number one!

Title: Just the Way I'm Not
Fandom: All Time Low RPS
Pairing: Alex/Jack
Rating: PG-13, PG-15-ish. Still a little bit naughty. :P
Disclaimer: I AM SORRY GUISE. I didn't mean to write stories about you, it just happened.

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Give In to Me
Kradam nailpolish
So I was bored the other day, listening to Allison Iraheta's Give In To Me and this thing popped in my head. It's more or less an experiment - there's only indirect speech in this and some other things I wanted to try out. Anyway, just comment on this if you read it, I guess, so I'll know if it worked.

Title: Give in to Me
Fandom: American Idol
Pairing: Kris/Adam, Kris/Katy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, except for excessive amounts of angst, experiments and no beta.
Summary: He wanted to keep it a secret but it slips out anyway.


Panic settling in, where's my oblivion?Collapse )


Alex Gaskarth Coffeeshop Soundtrack
I wanted to update and since all I wrote - that are not ridiculously long and unfinished things like Strictly and a fill for KradamFest which will be 30 days in the end (it's 4 days now and already like 7 pages - eep) I'm posting up some poetry.
Hope you guys are in the mood for some angst xD
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Three new Kradam fics!
Kradam nailpolish
rocketgirl2 was nagging me about posting up more AI-fics, and since I wrote this fic a long time ago anyway (for one of my courses. Yes I was allowed to write fanfiction, how cool is that? I love Reading Lit.) I'll just post it up now. The other two are quick drabbles that I made - one based on a random idea in my head and the other based on @BadGirlTex who, when I asked for prompts to write, tweeted 'PROMPT' to me. :P

DISCLAIMER: This is not real. I really, sincerely hope the first one will never become reality, however, the other two I certainly wouldn't mind. Especially if there were pics. xD
Also, guys, I'm glad it hasn't happened to me before but it has happened to others so if you even think about tweeting these to Adam or Kris, call me so I can kick that thought out of you.

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Fic: Beg for Me
Alex Gaskarth Coffeeshop Soundtrack
I filled the first prompt over at kradamfest.dreamwidth.org/, yay! xD Anyway, I'll just post it up here as well and in case anyone reads my LJ, advertise KradamFest as well. It just got started but there are already awesome prompts to fill. And if more people join, well, let's hope it becomes a success ^^

Title: Beg for Me
Fandom: American Idol
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bondage, dub-con, open ending
Summary: Adam wants Kris to beg and that's not going to happen.
Notes: Still not properly beta'd - I only fixed one tense!fail. Written last night at 2am so any suckiness and mistakes can and will be blamed on insomnia.


'You'll learn to love this.'Collapse )


Present #3
Nathan Fillion
alcetis , I haven't written Firefly fic in forever so I hope you appreciate the effort that went into this XD It was fucking /hard/ to write this since I can never keep Mal IC. rocketgirl2 beta'd this so all that's good should be credited to her.
Either way, I still hope you like it!

Title: None. I suck at titles today.
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mal hates Christmas. He really does.


It wasn't anything in particular, really. He just disliked Christmas.Collapse )