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Back on the poetry-horse!

I wrote some poetry again and in preparation for the Creative Writing Poetry Performance Night (man, that name is way too long xD ) I thought I'd post it up here so I would have one place where I could find the poems.
There's three right now, might be more coming later. Idk yet. I'm trying a new style again, and I've been trying to not write the poetry as soon as two lines come to my head, but waiting until the rest gets filled in naturally. I think I've been writing better poems.

Poem #1


Allow me to exaggerate

A memory or two

When things were so simple

Where it was nothing personal

Yet now, it is.


I'm making wishes

On my broken stereo

Backseat serenade, dizzy hurricane

Sweep me off my feet

I'll dance to anything


It's a mess and I just...

Need to rule it.

Stay where I can see you, douse the lights

I don't want to just yet.


We do it in the dark

With smiles on our faces

And when the morning comes – hush

Nobody needs to know

(Sweep it under the carpet

I don't need more complications)


We must reinvent love!

Deconstruction – what's in a name?

Label for this, synonym for that

Where did my thesaurus go?


Talk it over, talk it out

My words are not enough

Fuck 167 words, I need

A picture at the very least


This is my reaction

To everything I feel

I'm counting up to the weekend

Hoping fairytales are real.

Poem #2

Are you ready for another bad poem?

An anthem of the confused

Of the could-be's and won't's.

Push, pull, until something gives way

My skin isn't big enough

To contain my thoughts

So they spread out

And contaminate the paper

Ink stains, lines left

From all the erased words

Detox just to retox

Think I finally figured it out

(Testing, testing, I'm just suggesting)

But the scenes keep coming to my head.

This isn't a love song

By any sense of the word

(Happily ever after? No. Fucking. Way.)

It's just lyrics, sugar

It doesn't mean a thing.

Poem #3

Blowing seeds of hope at the light

Wish I may, wish I might.

Sharing secrets, late at night

All these words I want to write.

Thoughts on paper, slipping through

All night long I thought of you

Talking 'till the crickets and dew

I think I always knew.

Tags: original fiction, poems
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