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So a friend of mine dared me to write straight porn...

So I did.
This isn't any fandom, although I might rewrite it later with names. I like the way it turned out, but I found it's really hard for me to write heterosexual porn/kink - mostly because all my characters are either men or I can't find the right 'ship, and I tend to make the female character a self-insert.
Anyway, I wrote it anyway, so here it is.

Title: Yeah. Uh. I forgot I wanted a title. So. Let's go with "I Write Sins Not Tragedies".
Pairing: Heterosexual, no names.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Straight-up kink. Not even sex, just kinky shit.
Notes: D/s, whipping, funishment, tickling, paddling, kissing.

'Do you know how much trouble you're in?' he asked. The whip hung down his side, strands brushing his leg.

She smiled up at him. 'Fifty lashes, right?'

'Maybe.' He looked down at her, didn't show his own smile. 'Or maybe you've been pushing a little too much this week. Damn tease.'

'Oh, I'm scared.' She shuffled a little back, kept distance between them. He reached out and grabbed one of her pigtails.

'Not yet.' He yanked her forward by her hair, close enough so he could lean in for a kiss. Her hands flew up to his shoulders, running over his skin, but he pulled on her hair again.

'On your back. Hands up over your head,' he said, feeling that first rush of arousal as she hurried to do as she'd been told. Somewhere, it was a shame that she was obeying now – he would not mind the opportunity to punish her, oh no – but he could find faults. Set her up to fail.

He couldn't wait.

'Don't move.'

She closed her eyes as he swung thev whip, hitting her the first of many times. It didn't quite show where it landed – he hadn't hit hard enough for that – but he knew that soon enough, her breasts would be red and sore.

Twenty lashes. He put down the whip, ignored her disappointed sounds and twisted her nipples viciously.

'What way should I turn?' he mused, twisting them this way and that. She was trying hard not to make a sound, not to hit his hands off of her, and he smiled. Her hands twisted in the pillow over her head and she tried to subtly bring her breasts away from his fingers. It didn't work. He squeezed tighter.

'Oh, fuck, that hurts,' she said on a breath, biting her lip immediately afterwards. She looked down at her nipples, seeing what he was doing.

'I know. Looking at it isn't going to make me stop, you know.' Another vicious squeeze and she gasped. He decided to stop torturing her this way and took the whip back up again.

'Turn around.'

'Else what?' So he hadn't imagined the sparkle in her eye. Well, if she wanted to be bratty, he was going to enjoy taking her down a notch.

'Else you're going to get punished. And not in the good way.'


Oh goddammit.

He tickled her, dug his fingers in her ribs until she laughed. She tried to bat his hands away but he pushed them back against the mattress.

'Don't move and I'll stop.'

It didn't work. He knew it wouldn't. She fought to stay still, but sooner rather than later she was squirming, trying to get away from him, and he stopped for a moment.

'I said, don't move.'

More tickling. He loved watching her struggle, trying to put on a pokerface, and failing miserably.

'Please stop,' she said in between giggles.'

'Please stop what?' he prompted her.

'Please, Sir, stop?' she tried.

'Wrong order.' He flipped her around, spanked her a couple times with his bare hand, then decided to get the paddle for that.

'Please stop, Sir?'

'Too late now.' She couldn't see him, so he didn't have to fight his smile. He knew she liked this, being tricked into punishments – or are these funishments? - and he couldn't wait to turn her ass red.

Which he did. She swore after the fourth hit in a row, and he stopped for a moment.

'Are you okay?'



He hit her ass more, trying to find the spots that made her swear. When he hit her on the thighs, she swore again and squirmed away. Bingo.

'I'm not warning you again about being still,' he said before paddling her on the same spot again.

When she managed to stay still for a few moments, he stopped hitting her. He didn't yet want to move back to the whip – she could use a quick break, probably – so he laid down beside her and ran his nails over back. She arched it, purring, and he could so he kissed her.

After a few minutes of lazy making out, he bit her lip and stood back up, grabbing the whip again.

'How many did I still have to give you?'

'Thirty, Sir.'

She learned quickly.

'I'm going to give them now.'

She nodded, and he whipped her shoulders for twenty lashes, leaving the last ten for her ass. He liked watching her struggle to stay silent, to not move too much while he worked her over.

Too soon, it was over. Maybe he could do some more later. For now, though, it had been enough for her.

He pulled her on her side and wrapped an arm around her. She curled up against him, resting her head on his chest.

'How was that?' he asked.

'Mmm. I love your whip,' she said.

'So you're not going to stop pushing. Or are you?'

He felt her smile.

'Not a chance.'

Tags: d/s, fics, kink, original fiction
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