November 28th, 2014

Alex Gaskarth Coffeeshop Soundtrack

I am the queen of bad decisions

So here's a fucking poem I just wrote.


I'm just waiting for the walls of my insides to come clean

Because right now it's all a mess

All these thoughts, balled up inside me, weighing me down

It's harder to say I don't when I do

Than to say I do when I don't

Partners in crime, but there's no enjoyment in the actual crime

I want to reach inside and pull out your thoughts

Spread them wide open, read between the lines

Testing, testing, I'm just suggesting

I can't tell if this was a good thing

Self-medicate, chase the demons away

They know how to swim and I'd rather drown

I'm not twenty-one, it's time to have some fun

Oh wait, I fucking am, when's the fun coming?

I'm stuck, self-torturing, my meds are failing me

The waves of loneliness bashing against my defenses

People are not real, there's just me and my thoughts

Lyrics and music the glue keeping it all together

Don't try to fix me, there's fuck-all to save

Standing on the edge of my life

And something's about to come crashing down.