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Dipping my toes into P!atD fandom, woohoo!

So I decided to somewhat move to Panic! at the Disco fandom, because things are kind of better there. I like the overall quality of fic much more. However, Alex won't leave me alone, so I wrote an Alex/Spencer story. Because why the fuck not.
This is kind of taking place in a bigger universe in my head where Alex, Jack, Spencer and Brendon have kinky foursomes, but I'm still working on that bigger story so I might post it up later. All you really need to know for this is that after they had their first playdate, everyone agreed that they're pretty much cool with anyone playing with anyone else of the four.
I don't really have a title for the story, but whatever.

Title: None. I call it self-indulgence fic :P
Pairing: Alex Gaskarth/Spencer Smith
Fandom: All Time Low and Panic! at the Disco
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Alex is having a hard time, and with Jack out of the question, he turns to Spencer to help him through it.
Notes: Bondage, spanking, BDSM used as a coping mechanism, mentions of self-harm, and agreed upon polyamory.

Spencer came into the room and saw a twitching Alex on the couch.
'Oh, fuck,' he heard Alex mumble before the singer got up.
'Is something wrong?' Spencer asked.
'Well...' Alex hesitated. After a few seconds of Spencer looking expectantly at him, he burst out.
'Nothing has been going right, and... and I keep wanting to do stupid stuff and I kind of, maybe need some help.'
'What kind of help?' Spencer thought he knew what Alex was asking for, he just needed to be sure.
'Well, Jack has been gone for a while, and I hoped you could spank me?' Alex's voice got softer towards the end of the sentence, and he was looking anywhere but at Spencer.
Spencer reached out and circled his hands around Alex's wrists, pulling them apart to stop his fingers from plucking at the nails.
'Of course. Does Jack know you're here?'
'Yes,' Alex breathed, already relaxing into Spencer's touch.
'Alright. Come with me.'
He pulled just a little, and Alex came right along. They walked up the stairs, into the soundproofed room Spencer had made – originally intended for practice, but the soundproofing worked wonderfully for screams too.
'Anything I should know?'
'Then starting now, you'll do as I say either until you safeword out or I stop the scene.'
'Yes sir.'
Alex's voice was getting a little slurry. Spencer smiled, imagining the things he could do now – not that he had thought about this. At all.
Oh, who was he kidding.
He left Alex in the middle of the room for a moment, searching through his toybox for handcuffs. He found them, quickly put them on Alex and steered him towards the wall. He'd installed a hook there for Brendon, but it had ended up a little too low – it should work fine on Alex, Spencer thought.
It did.
With Alex safely secured, Spencer picked his favourite paddle and hit Alex ever so slightly with it on his ass.
'Stay still, now.'
He didn't wait for Alex's reply, swung immediately and caught him unaware.
Alex jumped a mile in the air, causing Spencer to put him back in his place.

'I said, stay still,' Spencer growled while digging his nails deep into Alex's shoulders.. Alex moans, but stays where he is this time.
He smoothes his hands over the angry indents his nails left in Alex's skin, then resumes hitting the singer's ass until it's starting to turn pink. Alex is rather quiet, muscles tense and eyes squeezed shut.
Spencer doesn't even know if this is doing anything.

He was going to have to trust Alex on that, then.
(This would be so much easier with Brendon – he knew his boyfriend inside out, knew when he was lying or hiding stuff, while now he had to guess.)
More hits. Nothing happened, again.
Well, time for his next plan, then.
Spencer got the Evil Paddle – nickname copyrighted by Brendon – and checked it over for any sign of dirt. Nothing. Good.
It was tiny, pretty much as big as his hand, and made of plastic, but it always brought results. On Brendon, at least, but Spencer really hoped it would work on Alex as well.
He aimed at the fleshiest part of Alex's ass and started tapping. Not too much force behind it, but enough to sting a little at first. The pain would keep building, Spencer knew, until it became unbearable. Brendon always squirmed out of its way eventually.
Alex started moving, tiny little movements as he tried to squirm away from the hits yet tried to stay still as well. He sucked in a breath and let it out in relief as Spencer stopped hitting him.
Only to move on to the other cheek, with a bit more force.
Now Alex was dancing for real, tugging on the cuffs and swinging his hips out of the way. Spencer spanked him once with his bare hand, warned him about not moving away again, and continued.
He kept going, switching from one place to another, tapping out different rhythms, until tears were squeezing out of Alex's eyes and he was practically pleading for mercy.
Spencer unhooked him, took the cuffs off, and gently coaxed him to the bed.
'We're done,' he told Alex. 'Lie down, I'll get you some water.'
Alex fell head-first on the bed, sniffled some in the pillows.
Spencer got the water, went back as fast as he could. He wasn't sure how Alex handled the aftermath of scenes, but when Alex wrapped himself around him, it wasn't hard to figure out.
'D'you want to talk about it?' Spencer asked, carding his fingers through Alex's hair. Alex shakes his head.
'It feels so stupid,' Alex confesses after a few moments. 'I tend to get these things sometimes, where I feel like I can't do anything right and I should just stop with everything, y'know? I know it's bullshit, but I can't bring myself to believe it. And with Jack in Baltimore...'
'Are you feeling better now, though?'
'Yeah. Thanks, for that.' Alex wipes his face on the blanket – Spencer pretends not to notice, just holds Alex a little closer.
He hums a couple of lines from Camisado under his breath and watches Alex fall asleep.
'It's not so pleasant and it's not so conventional, it sure as hell ain't normal but we deal, we deal.'
Tags: alex/spencer, all time low, d/s, fanfiction, fics, kink, panic! at the disco
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