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Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me

Title: Get Down On Your Knees and Tell Me You Love Me
Fandom: All Time Low RPS
Pairing: Alex/Jack
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jack's messed up and Alex has to punish him for it.
Warnings: Humiliation play, D/s, caning, bondage.
Notes: This is the first time I wrote a scene that was mostly focused on humiliation. Usually, it would be a small part, if I wrote it at all, but I thought the song somewhat asked for a humiliation scene. Feedback's appreciated!
Disclaimer: This is not about the real Alex and Jack (though wouldn't it be fun if they actually did this?) and I certainly do not own them in any way.

'You thought you could get away with it, didn't you?'

Alex is circling Jack, slowly tracing his steps over and over around the kneeling man on the floor. Jack's hands were tied behind his back, rendering him helpless. Alex likes taking away Jack's control.

Especially when he has messed up like this.

'You thought you could flirt with girls? Make out with them, have them rub their tits all over you? And all of that without me ever noticing, or so you thought. Well, you were wrong.'

He sees Jack shiver. It's not the cold, he turned up the heat long before Jack came in. He knew this might take a while.

'I know you're not the brightest pea in the pod but I didn't think you would be this stupid.'

The words hurt to say, Alex doesn't think this way at all, but he knows Jack needs this every once in a while. Needs to be torn to the ground just to build himself anew again. And to be fair, Alex was kind of mad after he found out what had happened after he'd left the last meet and greet.

'But all of that I could forgive,' he continues, 'if only you had told me about it right after it happened. If you'd had an excuse. But no, I have to find out about it through Tumblr, of all places!'

Alex sees tears roll down Jack's cheeks, sees the small spasms in his chest, and he decides that it's been enough. For now.

'I guess I can forgive you.'

Jack doesn't look at him but Alex knows what he must look like now. Wide-eyed, hopeful, the Jack he fell in love with.

'But not before I have my way with you.'

The cane's on the bed, Alex made sure it was ready before this all started. Nothing breaks a scene as easily as lost toys. He picks it up, runs his hands over the smooth wood, makes sure Jack knows what's going to happen.

'I'm going to hit you until you're begging me for mercy, and then some. If you're lucky, I'll leave it at that. Got it?'

Jack nods. He shifts a little, trying to get more comfortable.

'Get up.'

It's hard when Jack's tied like this, but Alex is not going to offer him any help. Instead, Alex turns his back to him, thinking if he needs something else. He's pretty sure he doesn't. Maybe a gag, or a blindfold, but he kind of wants to hear Jack and for Jack to see him.

When the little sounds behind him have stopped, Alex walks over to Jack and steers him towards the bed, shoving him forward when he's near so he falls face down on the mattress.

He doesn't give Jack any time to adjust himself to the new situation, just starts hitting him with the cane, on his ass, his thighs, his lower back (carefully avoiding the spine and the kidneys), until the red stripes start to appear and Jack's making pained noises.

Good. He wants to make those noises a lot louder.

'I wonder if I should make you count,' Alex wonders out loud. 'Add some more when you miss the count, put clamps on you, I don't know. Anything you would like to suggest?'

Jack shakes his head.

'That doesn't surprise me. You're trying to get off easy, aren't you?'

A smack, harder than the last couple. Jack cries out.

'I don't know why I bother with you. You're such a wimp, can't even do as I say half the time. I've got half a mind to trade you in for someone better.'

Again, and again, with his words and the cane, until Jack's skin is more red than white and he can see tears start to leak out of Jack's eyes.

Alex isn't done yet.

'I'm going to cane you again, but only if you say please. I want to see if you can bring yourself to that, cunt.'

It takes a while. Alex can almost hear the fight in Jack's mind – please Alex? Or stop the pain? - and when Jack hides his head in the blankets, he knows which one has won.

'Please use the cane on me again,' he hears, muffled.

'What? Can you repeat that? I didn't hear you.'

Jack lifts his head, his face burning a bright red from humiliation.

'Please hit me again.'

'With pleasure.'

Before Jack can bury his head again, Alex strikes. Once, twice, thrice – until he hears Jack scream.

'Five more. I expect you to take it, like the good painslut you are.'

He makes them last, makes Jack squirm with anticipation and dread before he lands the next one. When he runs his hands over Jack's ass, just before he gives he last one, it feels like it's on fire. Jack fights to stay where he is, to let Alex touch him however he pleases, and Alex feels a wave of arousal surge through him at that.

He loves it when Jack listens.

However, a reward is going to have to wait.

'Last one. You sure you can take it?'

Jack nods.

'Beg for it.'

'Please, Alex, hit me one last time. I want the pain, want to feel your cane on my body and have the bruises for days after. I need to be your painslut, please, just...'

He hits then.

While Jack is still shivering and swearing, Alex puts the cane somewhere safe, where it won't get in the way. He manhandles Jack onto the floor, hearing him hiss as he has to sit down on his abused ass, and then stands in front of Jack, his dick merely centimetres away from Jack's lips.

'Want to beg for my cock? Or have you been humiliated enough?'

He didn't think Jack would beg immediately. Alex is pleasantly surprised, Jack's always been horribly embarrassed by begging and would do anything to avoid it.

Maybe he knows it's serious now.

'Let me suck your cock, Alex, I've been thinking about it all scene. I could feel it against my belly and I want it so much, let me please you after you held out for so long to give me what I deserve...'

He doesn't want to hear any more, just pushes his cock in between Jack's lips, winds a hand in his hair to keep Jack still, and starts fucking his mouth.

Jack's hard as well, Alex can see his erection when he looks down, but Alex is not in the least inclined to do anything about it. Right now, it's about him, Jack knows it is, and why would he make Jack think otherwise?

When he can't hold it off anymore, Alex comes, pushing his cock deep in Jack's mouth until he almost gags, forcing him to swallow.

He drags Jack up, takes advantage of the fact that he's still tied up by pinching his nipples, scratching his nails down his arms – marking him as his on some more visible parts of his body, even though Jack wouldn't need that reminder for a while.

After he's done, he unties Jack. Usually this means the end of the scene, and Jack looks visibly relieved, moving towards Alex for cuddles and kisses, but Alex holds him off. He's not done yet.

'Get down on your knees and tell me you love me.'

'But... I thought we were done.' Jack looks at him with puppy eyes, but Alex won't budge. He's in charge here, and unless he says they're done, they're not. He raises an eyebrow, looks at the ground, waiting for Jack to obey.

He does.

Jack sinks down, gets back on his knees. He doesn't look at Alex when he murmurs 'I love you', and it's not good enough.

'Again. Look at me. Show me you mean it.'

Jack looks up then, locks eyes with Alex. He sees the regret in his eyes, knows Jack will never do it again after this lesson, but he's not stopping before Jack does this last thing.

'I love you,' Jack repeats. 'I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?'

Alex sinks down to his knees then, as well, wraps his arms around Jack.

'Of course. I love you too.'

Jack bursts into tears then, sobbing against Alex's shoulder. They sit there for a long time, just coming back together after the scene.

Tags: alex/jack, all time low, d/s, fanfiction, fics, humiliation, kink, smutty
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