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167 words

So for Creative Writing we had to write a poem that could also be performed. Well, something like that xD I mostly wrote a poem filled with references. A list of them is at the bottom for anyone who's interested!

167 words

I only have 167 words today and (1)
They run out so fast and I
Should probably stop talking.
Maybe I should tell you no.
Don't do this, don't participate (2)
They'll cheer you on
As you're thrown down to the ground (3)
Seeing silver, sharp-edged
Blood-crusted rusty blade (4)
As it dives down
Chops. Off. Your. Head. (5)
Put it on stakes.
Everyone should see you're second.
Not good enough
And you had to pay
With no money.
Welcome to oblivion, panic's settling in (6)
No wonder you're screwed.
And I'm just as dangerous as they are
I've a sharpened pencil
I attack this poor sheet (7)
Because these words don't count. Right?
You'll only read them when it's too late.
I'm not real but I'm
Still killing you.
You once were but you're dead now.
Let me count the ways I (8)
Six, seven, ate my words
Four, three, too many times.
I want you (dead), you (9)
You can say anything you like. (10)
While I, have, to, count.
Mustn't go over now, how many do I have left?
Shit, I'm...

List of references:
1. The Quiet World - Jeffrey McDaniel. The thread running through the poem (duh xD )
2. The clip from Dark Blue, by Jack's Mannequin. Also slightly The Long Walk, by Stephen King.
3. Threw It On The Ground - Lonely Island
4. The poem Dark Blue that I wrote. It's on this LJ.
5. Alice in Wonderland.
6. Welcome to Oblivion - Madina Lake.
7. The poem Welcome to Oblivion that I wrote (also on this LJ)
8. All Time Low - Get Down On Your Knees And Tell Me You Love Me
9. All Time Low - Do You Want Me (Dead)?
10. Marianas Trench - Say Anything
Tags: creative writing workshop, original fiction, poems
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